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“A Place for Everyone”

“When the Israelites set up camp, each tribe will be assigned its own area. The tribal divisions will camp beneath their family banners on all four sides of the Tabernacle...”

Numbers 2:1

Though the vocabulary may differ, most psychologists would agree that one of the biggest emotional needs of a human being is to belong. The feeling of being loved and included is vital to our security. So then, why wouldn’t our Creator provide a way for that need to be met?

Even in the middle of the wilderness, God instructed every man to be registered under his own family, which in turn belonged to a larger family, which belonged to a certain tribe. All the families of that tribe were marked by the family banner under which they lived. With this plan in place, every single person in that desert knew exactly where they belonged.

Sadly, that’s not the case in our world today. Feeling like misfits, many people wonder, “Where do I belong?” I felt that way until I met Jesus and became part of God’s family. When God placed HIS banner of love over me, I finally knew I belonged. And under His banner I always feel safe. If the enemy dares hassle me, God simply tells him, “Back off, she’s under MY banner”

So, whose banner covers you? To which family do you belong?

Remember, there is a place for everyone under GOD’s banner!


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