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“A Present for You”

“…David sent part of the plunder to the elders of Judah, who were his friends. ‘Here is a present for you, taken from the LORD’s enemies,’ he said. The gifts were sent to the people of the following towns David…and his men had visited.”

1 Samuel 30:26-30

We have all have had difficult times in our lives, but hopefully you can remember at least one person who was “there for you” during your darkest valley.

After the brothers sorted out the victory spoils we spoke of yesterday, David then took gifts to the elders of Judah who distributed them to all the towns David and his men had visited. Remember, David’s men were migrants in a wilderness when they “visited” those towns, so most likely the towns people took care of their needs. In other words, they were “there” for brothers in desperate need.

David was not following a written rule when he gave those gifts, he was following a grateful heart, one that wanted to honor those who supported him in his darkest hours. But notice WHAT David gave—"a present taken from the LORD’s enemies.” David took back what the enemy had stolen from him and passed it on as a gift to others.

The enemy still steals from God’s people! How often has he snatched your joy or peace in the middle of a battle? Isn’t it time to take back from the enemy what the LORD had given you? And then, why not pass that joy and peace on to those siblings who were “there for you” during your desperate time. After all, families share!


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