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“Almond Buds”

“Craft the center stem of the lampstand with four lamp cups shaped like almond blossoms, complete with buds and petals…The almond buds and branches

must all be of one piece…hammered from pure gold.”

Exodus 25:34, 36

God’s intricate plans for the Tabernacle are totally amazing! Whether the framework, the ceiling and walls, or the furniture within, every square inch was important to the Designer who cared about every detail.

The lampstand, for example, had six branches, three on each side of the center stem. Each branch had three lamp cups shaped like almond blossoms, complete with buds and petals. To be even more precise God said, “There will also be an almond bud beneath each pair of branches…” Almond buds…so very small yet valued by the Designer. He planned for them to be an intricate part of His lampstand, which was all molded from one piece of pure gold, including those little buds.

Have you ever questioned God’s plans for your life? Do you ever feel like you are small and insignificant…like your job is unimportant…like you might as well be invisible? Remember, Our Heavenly Father considered something as minute as an almond bud essential to His bigger plan. The lampstand was created from pure gold to reflect light, and the tiniest almond bud became part of fulfilling that purpose. It was the gold’s purity that determined the reflection, not the size of the bud!

Almond buds were not too insignificant to be included in God’s plan, and neither are you!


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