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Day 3 - “Wait...God WILL Show Up!”

“All those listed above include fourteen generations from Abraham to David, fourteen from David to the Babylonian exile, and fourteen from the Babylonian exile to the Messiah.”

Matthew 1:17 NLT

Forty-two generations of names hold volumes of stories about people who knew how to wait. Abraham waited his entire life to inherit the land God had promised. Abraham’s descendants waited in slavery 400 years, and their children waited in the wilderness 40 years. 600 plus years of waiting, and Abraham’s family finally took possession of the Promised Land.

However, more importantly, these people waited for their promised Messiah—400 years in their land, 70 years in exile, and 400 years back home. Abraham’s descendants waited nearly two millenniums, and at last Immanuel came—GOD with us!

I notice several names in Jesus’ genealogy are also listed in the Hebrews faith chapter. These people waited because they had faith in the One who gave the Promise. And then finally, a young teenager named Mary joined that faith family when she believed God’s angel. In fact, while she was still a virgin, BEFORE Joseph and Mary were even married, GOD planted HIS seed and Mary became pregnant! God entered our world through people of faith.

God is still in our world, and He still reveals Himself through people of faith. No matter your age or how many years you’ve waited; no matter how hopeless the situation seems, while you are waiting, God is planting HIS seed, and He WILL show up!

Revelations of God come through those who wait by faith!


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