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Day 7 - “Demonstrate HIS Attitude!”

“God blesses those who are poor in spirit…who are humble…who are merciful…who are pure in heart…who work for peace…God blesses you when people say all sorts of evil things about you because you are my followers.”

Matthew 5:3-12 NLT

We’ve heard that actions speak louder than words. But Jesus taught us about something that speaks even louder—the attitude behind our words and actions!

Jesus had just faced Satan’s self-promoting temptations. IF He would have yielded to SELF, Jesus could not have shown us what His Father is really like. Likewise, if we are going to show our world what GOD is like, neither can we yield to SELF. No wonder Jesus taught His followers the attitudes that promote GOD’s character!

Humility leads the way by recognizing our worth in God, and thus eliminates the need for competition. Humility acknowledges our own imperfections so we can be merciful toward others. In humility we keep our hearts pure, so no more judging others—instead we work for peace. BE-attitudes shape us to BE like Jesus who gave up His right to the comforts of heaven, humbly lived in our world, and humbly gave His life for the sake of others.

So, am I willing to give up my comfort and humbly enter my neighbor’s world? Will I give up my time to sit with someone who’s lonely or hurting? Can I give up my right to say what I wanna say and instead listen with love and speak with kindness?

Where is God in my world?

People will see GOD when I demonstrate HIS attitude!


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