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“Devoted, But Distracted”

“Then Jehu said, ‘Now come with me, and see how devoted I am to the LORD.’

Jehu destroyed every trace of Baal worship from Israel. He did not, however, destroy the gold calves at Bethel and Dan, with which Jeroboam son of Nebat had caused Israel to sin.

Nonetheless the LORD said to Jehu, ‘You have done well in following my instructions to destroy the family of Ahab…’ But Jehu did not obey the Law of the LORD with all his heart…”

2 Kings 10:16, 28-31 NLT

King Jehu remembered the Lord’s command when he was anointed king— “You are to destroy the family of Ahab your master...” Jehu remembered the prophecy given to Ahab when he killed Naboth (9:25-26) and Elijah’s message concerning Jezebel’s death (9:36-37). Jehu not only remembered God’s words; he zealously carried them out!

In nine different events, Jehu killed all of Ahab’s sons, all his relatives, officials, friends, and priests living in Jezreel, and trampled Jezebel’s body under his horses’ hooves. Jehu even killed forty-two people on their way to visit Ahab’s family. And finally, Jehu killed all the prophets of Baal, smashed their sacred pillar and destroyed their temple.

Jehu is the only Israelite king described as “good.” Yet even though Jehu remembered God’s words AND obeyed them, Jehu still did not destroy the gold calves Jeroboam had erected on both ends of his kingdom. Jehu was devoted to God, but evidently he still loved those gold calves.

Could I too be devoted to God and yet love some calves? The distractions the enemy erects in my life may be some distance away, but he makes sure their glitter distracts me. So, when any gold calves start clamoring for my attention, I need to remember the Israelites story…

Worshipping gold calves ultimately lead to captivity!


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