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“Facial Treatment”

“When Moses came down Mount Sinai…he wasn’t aware that

his face had become radiant because he had spoken to the Lord.

…Then he would give the people whatever instructions the Lord had given him,

and the people of Israel would see the radiant glow of his face.”

Exodus 34:29, 34-35

“What do you do to your face…it has such a glow?” I was shocked by the those Indian ladies' question, and I still regret not telling them of the One whose beauty they were actually seeing!

After forty days in the presence of the Lord, Moses was not aware that his face glowed, but the people saw it! And his face remained radiant because Moses kept on returning to the Tent of Meeting.

Most translations say the skin of his face shone. Taking time to feast on God’s Word transports His peace to every part of our bodies, including the face. Basking in the God’s Presence through worship not only softens our hearts, but the oil of His Spirit flows to the skin of our faces! So, why spend hundreds of dollars for a spa treatment, when soaking in the presence of the Lord is the most powerful facial treatment there is?

Today as we close with lines from a poem by Lottie Pratt Brown, let’s commit to spending more time in GOD’s Spa…we may not see the result, but others will!

You don’t have to tell how you live each day;

However you live, it will show in your face.

If you live close to God in his infinite grace—

You don’t have to tell, it shows in your face.


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