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“Families Share”

“But David said, ‘No, my brothers! Don’t be selfish with what the Lord has given us...We share and share alike—those who go to battle and those who guard the equipment.”

1 Samuel 30:23-24

The men David addressed as brothers had chosen to live in the wilderness, year after year running for their lives TOGETHER. Now when 400 of the brothers came back from battle, they did not want to share the spoil with the 200 brothers who had stayed behind. Even though exhausted, those 200 were faithful to guard the equipment, so TOGETHER the victory had been won!

In family there is no room for I mentality—family is we! Even though each sibling has a different role, when they all work TOGETHER, the family wins. And what the family wins TOGETHER is shared TOGETHER! David’s men who did not want to share with their brothers were not only selfish, but they were called evil troublemakers! (v. 22)

In God’s family we too are members by choice. Every sibling has a different role, yet TOGETHER we win. My husband used to tell ALL our church ministry teams that when someone came to Christ during a service, their team would receive just as much reward for taking care of their “equipment” as Ron would receive for preaching the sermon.

Siblings in GOD’s family should never become evil troublemakers, selfishly assuming recognition belongs only to them. After all, the LORD gives the victory, and HIS rewards go to EVERYONE in the family!

FAMILY rule: Not I take but WE share!


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