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“God Planted a Garden”

“Then the Lord God planted a garden in Eden, in the east,

and there he placed the man he had created.”

Genesis 2:8

When God created man, He did not leave him alone to fend for himself. God knew Adam would need nourishment to stay alive, so He had already developed the plan…a beautiful garden.

To fulfill this plan, God did not simply speak, “Let there be…” nor did He send His angels to do the task. Notice God Himself planted the garden! “And the LORD GOD planted all sorts of trees in the garden—beautiful trees that produced delicious fruit.” (v 9) And besides that, God even made sure there was a river to water His garden.

Now I am wondering…if this Creator God planned such care for the first man He created, will He not also have a plan for me? Jesus told us not to worry…even the birds don’t need to plant or harvest, because their Father feeds them. I have a Father too, and I can be sure that He has already planted my garden!


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