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“Graves of Craving”

“Then the foreign rabble who were traveling with the Israelites

began to crave the good things of Egypt…” v 4 NLT

That place was named Kibroth-hattaavah (which means "Graves of Craving"),

because there they buried the people who had craved meat.” GNT

Numbers 11:23

I was shocked that anyone could crave the good things of Egypt. What could there be worth craving from a place of bondage?

Then I remembered times in my own life when I too craved things that seemed good. I often observed women with flamboyant, compelling personalities and craved that gift. Other times I walked through boring seasons and craved to go back to the exciting roles of my past. However, I came to realize that even though what I craved may have been somewhat good, each craving stole a piece of my contentment with God. If I had continued to crave what others had or what I used to have, I would have buried my precious relationship with God, one crave at a time.

The words God used to describe the Israelites’ cravings are startlingThey rejected the Lord who was among them. (v 20) God makes us an offer: We can choose HIS way of blessing…relationship with a God who is close, or we can reject HIM and crave the good things WE think will bring blessing. Your cravings may be different from mine, but none of them end in blessing. Instead, they all lead to Graves of Craving.

So today will you pray with me a line from today's journal entry...

“May I crave only relationship with Him!”


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