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“Holy Economy”

“But be careful not to treat the holy gifts of the people of Israel as though they were common.”

Numbers 18:32

It was God's plan that the offerings brought to the Tabernacle be given to the priests and their families. What amazes me are the terms GOD used to describe those offerings…holy, sacred, special, best, and set apart to the Lord. In GOD’s economy, nothing given is common…it is all holy!

I have wept many times as I think about God’s generous heart. This year Ron and I will complete fifty years of marriage. During four of those years, Ron finished his education, but during the other forty-six years, we lived on the sacred offerings of God’s people. Every year spent in foreign countries, we were fed, clothed, and sheltered by holy offerings given above people’s regular tithe…offerings set apart to a GOD who is not willing that any should perish!

A dear friend reminded me of this truth: In God’s holy economy there is one Master-owner. When we choose to become HIS servants, HE gives us part of HIS wealth to manage. So, even though the holy offerings Ron and I have lived on all these years came from the Master’s storehouse, every penny came through a precious servant who carries the heart of their Master. No wonder I feel overwhelmed in a holy hush.

Father, thank You for Your holy economy, and servants who give with Your heart!


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