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“How Long Will You Wait?”

“Then Joshua said to them, ‘How long are you going to wait before taking possession of the remaining land the Lord, the God for your ancestors, has given you?’”

Joshua 18:3

Joshua’s compelling question follows some of the most heartbreaking verses in the Bible…but the Israelites failed…Judah could not drive out the Jebusites…they did not drive the Canaanites out…the tribe of Dan had trouble taking possession of their land.

After all God’s promises, after all His miracles, after slaying all those giants, the Israelites failed to believe God enough to finish the task. They may have been comfortably living in the land they had already possessed, but they allowed their enemies to stay there with them!

No wonder Joshua pleaded…how long will you wait? There were still seven tribes that had not taken their land, and the tribes who had, still lived with the enemy! Joshua’s plea went out to the entire community of Israel who had gathered to set up the Tabernacle, the dwelling place of God. Yes, God still loved His people…yes, He wanted to live among them. But because of that love, He wanted them to live free of their enemies!

That is still God’s plan today…to dwell with us in the life HE gives…free of our enemies! So He asks us the same question: How long will you wait? How long will you allow doubt or fear, selfish pride, anger, or bitterness to live with you?

It's time to take possession of YOUR land!


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