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“It’ll Cost You”

“But the king replied to Araunah, ‘No, I insist on buying it, for I will not present burnt offerings to the Lord my God that have cost me nothing.’ So David paid him fifty pieces of silver for the threshing floor and oxen.”

2 Samuel 24:24

King David had ordered a census to be taken, even though his leaders tried to discourage such an act. However, after realizing his terrible mistake, David prayed, I have sinned greatly…please forgive my guilt, Lord, for doing this foolish thing.” Yet, there was still a price to be paid for that sin—a plague that killed 70,000 people.

When David saw the death angel standing at Araunah’s threshing floor, he said to the Lord, I am the one who has sinned and done wrong! But these people are as innocent as sheep—what have they done?” David knew HE was the one responsible to make the sacrifice, because it was HIS sinful choice that had brought death to other people.

Jesus also taught that If my actions have caused death to relationship with anyone, I should take responsibility and go make things right with that person FIRST, before I offer any sacrifices to God! (Matt. 5:23-24). Taking responsibility may mean giving up my anger or my rights. And yes, that will cost me something—my pride. But such a sacrifice will please my Lord and also stop my sinful actions from killing any more relationships!

“Father, when my sin brings death to any relationship,

please help me quickly pay the price for restoration.”


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