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“It’s a Process”

“This is how you will guard the people of Israel from ceremonial uncleanness. Otherwise they would die, for their impurity would defile my Tabernacle that stands among them.”

Leviticus 15:31

Over two million people camping in the middle of a desert could have created a sanitation crisis like no other, but God had a purification plan.

Interestingly, every set of instructions, whether about skin disease, house mold, or bodily discharges, concludes with these words, Through this process, the priest will purify…” the person or object before the Lord. Process is not easy for we who live in an instant age. Without question, we have instant forgiveness when we confess our sins. But afterwards, rather than obeying God’s process of how to walk in our new freedom, we expect instant change.

I remember that difficult process several years ago after Jesus set me free from enslaving fears. My daily work-out included many baby steps, numerous falls, and much grit to stand back up again! The choices needed to keep me free of those fears were not easy at first, but the more I practiced, the more intoxicating my new freedom became!

Like with the Israelites, the freedom process may seem tedious and at times we may even need others’ assistance. But God told Moses, these processes were the way to guard His people from death. Even today, the purpose of our Father’s loving plan is for life, not death…for freedom, not bondage. That is…if we are willing to follow HIS process!


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