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“It’s Awe or Nothing”

“Does it seem insignificant to you that the God of Israel has chosen you

from among all the community of Israel to be near him so you can serve

in the Lord’s Tabernacle and stand before the people to minister to them?

Korah, he has already given this special ministry to you and your fellow Levites.”

Numbers 16:9-10

Moses’ plea to those who incited rebellion sounds painful…is serving in the Lord’s Tabernacle meaningless? Is this special ministry unimportant? YOU were chosen to be near God! “Does that seem insignificant to you…?”

Surprisingly, it was Kohathites who led this rebellion. They were the division of Levites who cared for the sacred objects in the Tabernacle, including the holy altars, and the most holy Ark. Why not be in awe of such sacred work? And furthermore, these Levites belonged to God. What more could they want? These Levites had the most precious relationship and the most sacred task, and yet they had lost their awe of the One who chose them for both.

Today I ponder…do I stand in awe of the God who chose me to be close to Him? Am I still amazed that the God of all creation would allow me to work alongside Him? Do I treasure the gifts He gave me and use them to respectfully serve Him? Do I show reverence for God by the way I live?

Korah and his gang treated God with contempt by assuming their relationship with Him was insignificant. That rebellion cost them everything…their families, their possessions, and their lives. Instead of living in awe of God, they died with nothing.

The choice is mine as well…awe or nothing!


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