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“Just Enough”

“So the people did as they were told. Some gathered a lot, some only a little. But when they measured it out, everyone had just enough…Each family had just what it needed.”

Exodus 16:17-18

For the first time in history, mass food distribution was needed, and God had the perfect plan. Instead of simply dropping food into every mouth, God asked His people to get involved in the miracle. If they followed the detailed instructions God gave them, the food for every person would be just enough.

As I ponder this story today, I am intrigued by a new thought… Even though God had delivered the Israelites from Egypt by the power of His own hand, and then made a way through the Red Sea with His own breath, why did He now introduce a different kind of plan for the needed miracle, a more cooperative plan?

I’ve seen all through scripture that God wants relationship with us. So perhaps instead of standing at a distance performing miracles FOR us, God would rather do miracles WITH us. In other words, through relationship, miracles happen as each one does their part. God told the Israelites He was testing them to see if they would follow His instructions. If THEY trusted Him enough to obey what He said, then GOD would perform miracles. And those miracles would be just enough.

So, I can believe that when I partner with God in RELATIONSHIP, when I TRUST Him enough to obey, HE will make sure I always have just enough!


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