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“My Horses”

“Solomon built up a huge force of chariots and horses. He had 1,400 chariots and 12, 000 horses…Solomon’s horses were imported from Egypt…At that time chariots could be purchased for 600 pieces of silver and horses for 150 pieces of silver.”

1 Kings 10:26-29

Before Israel ever had a king, God established an important rule: “The king must not build up a large stable of horses for himself or send people to Egypt to buy horses…” (Deut. 17:16) God wanted His people to put their trust in HIM, not in horses!

Contrary to those instructions, King Solomon imported 12,000 horses from Egypt, and that horse-love kept growing until years later statues of horses were even erected at the very entrance of the Temple! Sadly, instead of trusting the God who delivered them from slavery, Israel spent its wealth to purchase “false strength” from the same nation that had enslaved them. And those horses ended up overshadowing the door to God's Presence, their real Strength!

That may seem absurd, but we do the same! During a tough “war” years ago, Ron and I foolishly trusted some dumb horses for our strength. And as each of those horses died, I'd say, "Ron, we lost another horse!" However, on the morning of the final battle, instead of trusting GOD, I insisted that MY people skills could fix this problem! Thankfully, GOD graciously stepped in and performed a miracle that my horse could have never accomplished. That day I realized it was time to get rid of ALL my horses!

“Don’t count on your warhorse to give you victory—for all its strength, it cannot save you.

But the LORD watches over those who fear him, those who rely on HIS unfailing love.”

Psalm 33:17-18


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