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“Nurse Them for Me”

“‘Take this baby and nurse him for me,’ the princess told the baby’s mother.

‘I will pay you for your help.’”

Exodus 2:9

When I gave birth to our first child, I had an overwhelming sense that this beautiful little girl in my arms was not really my own…she belonged to her Creator. That’s why the princess’ words to Moses’ mother caught my attention, “Nurse him for me.” I felt like that’s what God asked me to do early that spring morning…nurse Amy for Me.

The princess was asking the baby’s birth mother to nurse this child on her behalf.That is exactly what our Father God requests when He lovingly places a child in our arms…take care of this one on My behalf.

To nurse is more than just feeding milk from a mother’s body. Nursing involves…

-giving special care or attention

-handling carefully to avoid injury, protecting

-promoting development or progress

-trying to prevent failure

When I look at those definitions, the responsibility I have been given suddenly takes on a whole new meaning. Nursing becomes all-encompassing.

No matter our age, GOD sovereignly places children in our lives…some are delivered through our wombs, others are delivered through our environment. But all of them have this one thing in common…they belong to their Heavenly Father, and they are HIS gifts to us, for one purpose…to nurse them on HIS behalf!


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