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“One by One”

“Jesus sent out the twelve apostles with these instructions…Go announce to them that the Kingdom of Heaven is near. Heal the sick, raise the dead, cure those with leprosy, and cast out demons. Give as freely as you have received.”

Matthew 10:5, 7-8 NLT

When Jesus sent His disciples out to lost sheep, His first instruction was to announce the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus knew the treasures of HIS Kingdom were the answer to every human need!

The power of Love would heal the sick and cure life-threatening wounds. The power of Truth would raise the dead and free the captives from fear. HIS Life would restore hopeless souls. HE would be Light for their path, Peace for their minds, and Comfort for their hearts. JESUS, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, WAS the secret for every lost sheep—therefore, announce JESUS!

Announcements are best received when delivered personally. The Good News Jesus gave His disciples was intended for individuals. Jesus knew sheep can be led as a flock, but their wool and hoofs and wounds need individual care. That’s why He called each disciple by name and cared for them one by one. Then Jesus sent them out to do likewise—to personally give in the same way they had personally received!

So, what about the lost sheep around me? Their wool may be matted from bad choices, their feet may be stuck in muddy messes, and their wounds may be festering and smelly. But—

I have received New Life from JESUS,

I must announce that hope to them—one by one!


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