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“Singing in the Temple”

“The musicians, all prominent Levites, lived at the Temple. They were exempt from other responsibilities since they were on duty at all hours.”

1 Chronicles 9:13, 22-33

The summary of Temple ministry in this chapter takes on new meaning when I realize that those responsibilities are also mine...I am now God’s temple!

The gatekeepers were responsible to guard the gates of the Temple throughout the night and open those gates every morning. So, I must not only guard the gateway to my heart continually, but also open the doors of my life every day to people who need peace from the God who dwells in me.

Other Levites were responsible to guard the rooms and treasuries of God’s house. As HIS Temple, every room must be protected because GOD’s treasures are housed here. I did not choose the kind of treasures assigned to me, but like the Tabernacle of old, each treasure is for the purpose of worship. So, may I guard every treasure from misuse or loss.

However to me, the most fascinating assignment was that of the musicians—to sing and play songs of worship at all hours. So, whether I’m guarding the door of my heart, opening the door of my life, or guarding my God-given treasures, may it all be done with praise and worship, twenty-four-seven!

I may get tired guarding storerooms, or I may get discouraged when nobody appreciates the treasures I house, but if I simply remember WHO dwells in me…

There will be singing in THIS temple day and night!


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