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“Staying @ Home”

“Then I will live among the people of Israel and be their God,

and they will know that that I am the Lord their God. I am the one who brought them

out of the land of Egypt so that I could live among them...”

Exodus 29:45-46

It took forty days for Moses to hear God’s Tabernacle plans, and seven chapters to write them. Why would God make such a big deal about a tent in the middle of the desert?

That reason could be summarized in one word…relationship. The God who wanted to be close, drew the blueprint for His own home. Whether for the walls, the furniture, or the priests’ clothing, every detail had a purpose…to make it possible for God to live among His people and be their God.

Sometimes we get so caught up in analyzing the details of the Tabernacle that we miss the bigger picture. God told Moses that the reason He brought the Israelites out of bondage was so He could live among them! That was God’s heart all those years He watched the Israelites in bondage. And during all the miracles He performed to set them free, God was anticipating the opportunity to finally live among His people!

That God had the same purpose in mind when He delivered you from your bondage. It didn’t matter how long you took to accept His help, or how many details it took to prepare your heart to be His home, God waited for one reason…because He loves staying at home…with you!


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