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“The Panorama View”

“And now, O LORD, I am your servant; do as you have promised concerning me and my family. May it be a promise that will last forever. And may Your name be established and honored forever...”

1 Chronicles 17:23-24

During our last week in Moldova, my dear friend introduced me to the panorama button on my phone. There on top of a tall building, one click changed my view from one street to the entire city! Heidi Jo gave me a gift that day, a view closer to God’s.

David’s passion was to build a Temple for the LORD. However, when he was told his son would be the one to carry out that passion, David quickly understood there was a bigger picture—GOD’s name was to be honored forever, not his. When David prayed, “I am YOUR servant, do as YOU have promised…” he changed from a zoom view on HIS passion to see the panoramic view of GOD’s passion.

Panorama is an unobstructed or complete view in every direction. I have learned the biggest obstruction to seeing GOD’s complete view is ME. When I just zoom in on MY passions, I not only get frustrated when someone else gets to fulfill them, but I miss seeing the beauty of GOD’s full panorama.

We have been chosen to be part of GOD’s plan—to honor HIS name forever. Our Creator designed each of us for a unique position in HIS beautiful picture, but do we see the big panorama?

Only if we trust GOD and let go of “our” zoom button!


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