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“Thriving in Old Age!”

“But I am like an olive tree, thriving in the house of God.

I will always trust in God’s unfailing love.”

Psalm 52:8 NLT

While traveling in Italy a few years ago, scenes of hillsides covered with endless rows of olive trees left me pondering—at this stage of my life, how could I ever thrive like an olive tree?” The thriving olive trees I observed in Italy were young and loaded with fruit. However, the more I researched olive trees, the more excited I became about my older years.

Young olive trees are greatly valued for the precious oil they produce, but older olive trees are valued for what they become. With age, their branches develop many knots and protrusions, each unique to that tree. You’d think their misshapen state would render them useless. Yet, no matter how gnarled the olive trees become, they keep on producing fruit! In fact, even if an old tree is cut down, new shoots will spring from its roots and continue to grow!

My body may become gnarled with unusual twists and turns. Some parts of my tree may have even been cut down. But I can be like an olive tree if I remember WHERE to thrive—in the presence of my God! When my roots are immersed in HIS presence, trusting in HIS unfailing love, nothing can stop new shoots from springing up all around me!

Be encouraged--your older years can produce more fruit than your younger years!


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