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“Who Closed the Door?”

A male and female of each kind entered just as God had commanded Noah.

Then the Lord closed the door behind them.”

Genesis 7:16 NLT

After decades of labor, the enormous structure was completed. All the animals had paraded aboard, food for the journey had been loaded, and Noah’s family was tucked safely inside. Then, the LORD shut the door.

Every detail of this protection was in God’s mind long before construction began. As the walls of the ark were erected, a line was being drawn. Those walls would eventually become a boundary between dry ground and flood waters, between plentiful food and starvation, between safety and danger. Consequently, the one and only door in those walls became the gateway between life and death.

On that account, we see why it was so important that the LORD shut the door. In doing so He was declaring war between good and evil. As His mighty hand closed that door, the LORD was confirming to the enemy, “You will NOT have My kids! STOP! You can come no further… I have shut the door!”

Therefore, next time we are tempted to complain about a door slamming in our face, let’s remember that the LORD shuts doors to protect His kids from what HE sees on the other side. Let’s be patient, because when the next door opens, we just may see a rainbow!


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