After growing up in Alaska (Ron) and Nebraska (Wanda) where we both became Christians, we met during university in a Christian band. Along the way, we were shaped by mentors and teachers from our families, churches, and the schools we attended. God has blessed us with two great kids and their spouses, and Jon/Charvonne and Amy/Greg, along with two beautiful teenage granddaughters who love Jesus, Mia and Cheree. We love living by them in this season of life here in Maryland.


Our passion and joy since university days has been intentional and strategic “hang-out,” passing it on with leaders and those on a journey toward Jesus. Sometimes it has been under a tree, sometimes over coffee, sometimes in a boardroom, sometimes in a car, with educated/uneducated, with animists/Muslims/Hindus/Sikhs, and those of no religion – just sharing about life and leadership.

We have learned recipes of life and leadership, and we do not want to die with the recipes – our passion is to keep passing them on to the next generation.


Our life has not been boring! We love developing church and business leaders to have better character, sharper skills, productive teams, and greater influence. It was our joy to start 3 churches and lead 4 others in 6 different countries. We’ve trained, mentored, and coached on 5 continents through life-sharing, leadership seminars, teaching, and directing Bible colleges along with a leadership coaching business in India. Writing for leaders has also been part of our journey, including a book on Managing Conflict.

Throughout all these experiences, believers, churches, and

leaders have matured and multiplied to pass it on. We love being a Barnabas to others, pouring ourselves into them. These incredible people have gone on to do greater things than we ever could.



Left 27 churches - 1985
Now 400 churches


West Kenya Bible School: left men who became church planters and leaders


Far North Bible College:
Left indigenous pillars of



International Christian Centre:
Left 2,000 discipled believers. 2019: 8,000 influencers are changing the nation


 left effective leaders with a strong voice to their Hindu nation


Left leaders who are now

touching Europe

Caribbean & West Indies

Left leaders in 7 nations

trained in practical leadership

and Managing Conflict


Left a new int'l church, a community of world-changers especially touching students from Central Asia


Left African students and Filipino leaders trained in how to do Church 

THANKS to the many who helped us leave footprints of
Godly leaders around the world!

As you access our training, mentoring, and coaching resources along with Wanda’s My Swing blog, our prayer is that you too will go on to do greater things in your life, family, work, and church!