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2 CHRONICLES – “The Loyalty Wars of Relationship”

Introduction to the Book of 2nd Chronicles - Heart Battles Between Good and Evil

When King David handed Solomon the plans for the Temple, he also passed on the greatest war of mankind—the battle between good and evil. When good won over evil, Solomon served God, as did his son. But Rehoboam’s heart soon turned to evil, and every king who followed continued to fight that same war.

Some of Judah’s kings began with good hearts, but later turned to evil. Others were evil from the start. After King Solomon, only Jehoshaphat, Hezekiah, and Josiah remained victorious in the heart battle between good and evil.

Battles of the heart determine loyalty. By Zedekiah’s reign, not only was his evil heart disloyal to God, but even the priests became unfaithful. And finally, Judah was taken into captivity.

May this book teach us valuable lessons for the good vs evil battles in our own hearts!


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