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2nd KINGS – “Fall from Relationship”

Introduction to the Book of 2nd Kings - The Cost of Abandoning God

We do not “fall” from relationship with God because HE drops us. We fall because WE let go of God. That’s what happened to both Israel and Judah. No matter how many prophets God sent to persuade His people to return to Him, they stubbornly let go and went their own way. After Elijah and Elisha were gone, both Israel and Judah had seven evil kings who led their people to abandon the God who loved them to worship lifeless idols. The result was exile from the beautiful land God had given them to live as foreigners for generations.

The story of Kings is a warning to all of us—if we choose to abandon God, we’re letting go of HIS security. And we too will fall from relationship with a loving God and become exiles where we don’t belong.


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