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“CHRISTMAS – The Way to Relationship”

“So the Word became human and made his home among us...”

John 1;14 NLT

As the countdown to Christmas rushes on, let’s take time to focus on the reason JESUS came to our world—to give us the awesome privilege of relationship with God. Isn’t it amazing that even before creation, God planned to send Jesus—all because He wanted relationship with us? JESUS—the only One who could connect us to the Father. JESUS—the Door to relationship with God. For those at the manger who believed, there was great joy. And likewise, for those who know Christmas is all about relationship, there’s great joy!

So, I am devoting the remainder of the year to Christmas thoughts that have appeared in my journals over the years, each one spotlighting relationship. I pray that as you read these blogs, your own relationship with God will become even more precious.


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