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“Dangerous Eyes”

“The woman was convinced. The fruit looked so fresh and delicious,

and it would make her so wise!”

Genesis 3:6

The serpent who slyly planted doubt in Eve’s mind was a master at skewing focus. God’s instructions about the tree of the knowledge of good and evil were meant to protect Adam and Eve from death. But the serpent twisted the Truth of His words: “You won’t die…you will become like God!”

Because of God’s warning, Eve’s physical eye should have seen danger in the tree’s fruit. But the sly serpent switched Eve’s focus to a more powerful I, one that sees what I want, what I can be, what power I can have. When Eve’s emotional I overpowered her physical eye, she made a choice that condemned the whole human race.

Am I aware of the war that goes on between the eyes? My physical eyes may see danger in a situation and even see Truth about it in The Word. But what I want can hiss so loudly, it drowns out what I know to be the right choice.

However, as you and I become more aware of the difference between what our physical eye sees and what our emotional I wants, we do have hope:

The God Who created our physical eyes, understands our emotional I’s.

And He can help us keep them BOTH in the right focus!


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