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Day 14 - “Sit Down and Listen!”

Jesus said: I sat daily with you ….”

Matthew 26:55 NLT

I’ve learned many valuable lessons from the different cultures in which I’ve lived, but the most powerful one is what I hear every time I enter their homes, “Welcome, please come sit down.” At a table, by a sofa, or on a mat—sitting with people is where I enjoy the most precious conversations.

Standing is for when you meet on the street or in a hallway at work. Standing is for exchanging casual greetings or quick information. But real communication takes place when you sit down together.

I am so grateful that when God came to our world, He wasn’t in a hurry—He didn’t rush through villages shouting at people. Jesus came close enough to touch—Jesus sat down with people! By the seaside, in a boat, at a table, on a mountain, in the synagogue, or by a well—Jesus sat with Pharisees, tax collectors, fishermen, hated Samaritans, and with anyone who wanted to listen. When Jesus sat, He observed people’s pain, healed their broken hearts, shared hope, broke bread—and He listened!

Sadly, few of us today take time to sit and observe our world’s pain—we just stand at a distance and criticize! Where are the people who will slow down, come close, and sit?

If you are GOD’s kid, then please act like Him!

Sit and listen to the people HE loves…

SHOW the world that God IS with us…Really!


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