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“Don’t Fight Your Brothers!”

“This is what the Lord says: Do not fight against your brothers, the Israelites. Go back home, for what has happened is my doing!”

1 Kings 12:24

God addressed a huge problem in His Family—Two tribes were preparing for war with the other ten tribes because they disagreed over who was the right leader. It seems the Israelites had forgotten that they were all brothers, born into the same family, and sharing the same father.

Why do we in God’s Family today keep on following their example? If one brother disagrees with another brother over what leader is right for their state or nation, does that mean those siblings should go to war? Why do we gather troops who agree with us and then use our ammunition of words to criticize and judge brothers who think differently?

I find it interesting that God told the Israelite family, “Go back home, what has happened is MY doing!” We may think we know what leader is right to carry out Our Father’s plans, but Scripture demonstrates that God often works through leaders we may never consider right. Besides, it is in HIS power we must trust, not man’s!

Consequently, why be so quick to fight brothers who disagree about what or who is right? None of us is All-Knowing. We simply obey the God who is. Let’s remember: He is OUR Father, and WE are HIS children—and what did FATHER teach us about wielding weapons of criticism and judgment?

He simply said, "Do Not!"


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