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“Don’t Hide Your Truth!”

“…I will teach you hidden lessons from our past, stories we have heard and known…We will not hide these truths from our children…so each generation should set its hope anew on God."

Psalm 78:2, 4, 7

These days young people are told, “Live your own truth!” However, that “truth” usually means, "Whatever I think is best for ME." The psalmist, on the other hand, was speaking of GOD’s truth, the foundation of life He lovingly planned for the people HE lovingly created.

So, how will the next generation ever believe GOD’s Truth when all they know is “ME truth?” The psalmist suggests they learn truth from stories of the older generation—not just our stories, but the lessons hidden IN our stories.

We all have different stories to tell, but the same Shepherd has lovingly taught each of us lessons, especially during our most difficult chapters. In fact, the truths I’ve been writing about from Psalms were gifts from the Shepherd at a time when I felt the most hopeless. He made the Word so personal to me that God’s truth indeed became my truth.

We must not hide from our children the truths God teaches us. Let's be REAL—let's be honest about our struggles AND the lessons we learned through them. Perhaps the next generation will "set its hope anew on Him" if they know a REAL God has been at work in real people!

Why let your painful experiences go to waste? The truth God taught you could change your children’s future!

Don’t hide the Truth that became YOUR truth!


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