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“Famous Last Words”

There is no one like the God of Israel…The eternal God is your refuge, and his everlasting arms are under you. He drives out the enemy before you…So Israel will live in safety…in security…How blessed you are, O Israel! Who else is like you, a people saved by the Lord?”

Deuteronomy 33:26-29

If one of my friends spoke with a celebrity or diplomat, the first thing I would want to know is, “What did they say?” Likewise, when someone dies, we often ask, “What were their last words?”

Moses was not on his death bed, but he was ready to climb his last mountain when he spoke these final words. Moses…known as the man of God (33:1), the servant of the Lord (34:5), and the man whom the Lord knew face to face. (34:10) For forty years Moses and God seemed inseparable. Day after day, either on the mountain or in the Tent of Meeting, the two spoke face to face. So as Moses comes from speaking with God, I want to know, “What did HE say?”

We have heard that answer all through Deuteronomy as Moses shared God’s heart for relationship…how God wants us to obey so we will always enjoy His unfailing love. Now Moses’ “last words” summarize those countless pleas, “There is NO ONE like the God of Israel.” HE will take care of you…HE will fight for you…HE will protect you. And YOU are blessed to be HIS kids…HIS special treasures!

May those last words from GOD’s man impact my life, too…

For there is NO God like mine, and I am truly blessed to be HIS treasure!


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