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“God’s Bakery”

“Then the angel of the LORD came again and touched him and said, ‘Get up and eat some more, or the journey ahead will be too much for you.’”

1 Kings 19:7

God baked bread for Elijah even though he was running away in fear. While he was sleeping, the angel of the LORD touched him, not just once, but twice! The first touch was to wake him to eat what God had prepared. But when Elijah fell asleep AGAIN, the angel touched him AGAIN with a reason to eat—strength for the journey ahead.

When we run away, whether in give-up-on-God sleeping, or plain old rebellious sleeping, our Loving Father knows what we face ahead. HE also knows exactly what kind of bread we need for that journey, so while we sleep, HE bakes. And He comes AGAIN to wake us up to eat.

While the Israelites slept in their wilderness, God was baking manna for them to gather every morning. While the disciples fished all night, Jesus was on the shore preparing bread and fish. Yes, the Father’s Bakery is always open, but we must stop long enough to pick up our own bread—the recipe God bakes uniquely for each person.

But wait, God did not open His Bakery for an exclusive crowd. Jesus gave bread to His disciples so they could distribute it. As they gave out what they received, the bread miraculously multiplied to feed ALL who were hungry.

And God planned that same miracle for the Bread He baked for you today!


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