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“God’s Blessing”

“And God blessed the seventh day and declared it holy,

because it was the day when he rested from his work of creation...”

Genesis 2:3

God had just completed six days of creating the most fantastic display of beauty. Amid intense darkness, stunning light broke through. Earth and sky separated, dry land surfaced and blossomed with vegetation that defies description. Dazzling lights appeared in the heavens. Birds, fish, and animals of unbelievable variety sprang up to fill the earth and sea. Then to cap off this display, God personally formed man into His own image. What an incredible six days!

Notice however, that not one of those extraordinary, power-filled days was blessed by God, not even the day He created man! Only on the seventh day, the day of rest, did God pronounce blessing! In fact, He goes even further to declare that day of rest, “Holy!”

Rest has always been a hard concept for me to learn. With my very nature geared toward work, I often find it difficult to sit still. But, as GOD’s view of rest sinks deeper into my soul, my old view of rest is beginning to change. If GOD declared rest holy and if GOD blessed rest above all HIS work, then why would God reverse that priority to bless MY work above MY rest?

“Oh God, please teach me how to rest YOUR way, so I can be blessed YOUR way!”


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