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“God's Got Questions”

“Where are you?”..."Why are you so angry?”

“Where is your brother?”...“What have you done?”

Genesis 3-4

The first four questions in the Bible leave no doubt about what's important to God:

“Where are you?” When Adam and Eve hid from God, He came looking for them because He wanted relationship. God pursues us for the same reason. No matter what we have done, or where we are hiding, He will always come looking for us!

“Why are you so angry?” God did not want anything obstructing His relationship with Cain, so God lovingly warned him about the dangers of burying anger in his heart. If relationship is God’s priority, then matters of the heart must be ours!

“Where is your brother?” When Cain secretly killed Abel, God held him responsible for HIS brother. Relationship with God extends to relationship with others. The Father who loves ALL His kids, expects ALL His kids to get along with THEIR siblings!

“What have you done?” In addition to being responsible for his heart and his brother, God made it clear Cain was responsible for his actions. Relationships in our lives, both with God and with others, are always fleshed out by how we act.

Undoubtedly, RELATIONSHIP is God’s priority, but His first questions to mankind make it clear that relationship is up to us…

God started the relationship plan, but you and I are responsible to keep it going!


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