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“God Used My Dishwasher”

Today I welcome a guest writer to My Swing! My daughter Amy sent me something this week that touched my heart deeply. I would love for everyone to hear this beautiful message.

From the heart of Our Loving Father, through the pen of Amy Keffer – October 2023

On my dishwasher I have a cute little sign that says either “clean” or “dirty” depending which way I slide it. I like to run my dishwasher at night because it’s so loud. So before I head to bed, I put the soap in and push the start button. But then I also slide the little sign from "dirty" to "clean" so that whoever gets up first in the morning will know the dishes are clean.

The other night as I slid that little sign over, I realized I was indicating the dishes were “clean” before they actually were! The process had been started but at the time I changed the label, they were still dirty.

In that moment, I felt God whisper to me, “That’s exactly what I do with you, Amy. When you ask me to clean you and change you, I declare that YOU ARE, even though the process is not yet complete. I will continue to work on you, changing and cleaning you up, rebuilding and restoring you. But the very moment you push start on your journey with Me, I see you differently—I see you whole and complete...

"I change the label on your life and proclaim you CLEAN!”


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