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“Have You Decided?”

“Solomon decided to build a Temple to honor the name of the LORD….”

2 Chronicles 2:1

Even though the Temple was David’s passion, God said his son would be the one to build it. So, all his life, Solomon had heard about that Temple.

His father made extensive preparations for its building. He gathered gold, silver, bronze, and precious stones, plus every kind of building material needed, down to the very last nail. David even prepared the large stones and made sure Solomon would have plenty of stone masons, carpenters, and craftsmen to finish them.

At Solomon’s fingertips was everything he needed to build the Temple. Each piece was waiting to be put in its proper place so God could finally dwell inside. However, building was on hold until one man gave the order. No one else could make that choice for him—Solomon had to decide.

Likewise, God had a passion to dwell in my temple. Like David, HE prepared all the pieces for His home. But even though He lovingly knit those parts together in my mother’s womb, after my birth those pieces sat empty until I gave the order.

Like Solomon, all my life I heard about God’s plan for this temple, but I had to decide to fulfill it. Only I could prepare my heart for His dwelling and only I could decide when to invite Him in.

I have decided—have you?


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