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“I Will See YOU”

“Because I am righteous, I will see you. When I awake, I will see you face to face and be satisfied."

Psalms 17:15

I read this Psalm while Ron and I were on our way to spend several months at a counseling center for pastors and missionaries. I knew my life needed some changes, but I didn’t know how. Amazingly, Psalm 17 “just happened” to highlight some steps! Change would begin with honesty, being willing to have my thoughts tested and my heart examined. (v 1-3) So like David, I prayed for help because I knew God would answer me. No matter what I was going to face, I prayed He would guard me, protect me, and rescue me! (v 6-13)

Wonderful Spirit-led counselors dialoged with me at that center. I was given endless resources that still help me today. I was prayed for daily by friends on similar journeys. All these gifts greatly inspired my heart, but not one of them could change my heart.

That answer came in verse fifteen: “Because I am righteous, I will see YOU.” Of course, I’m not righteous in myself, but JESUS kept removing clutter from my heart so I could see HIM. And the more I saw Jesus, the more I changed. Now, I’ve made the conclusion of this verse the theme of every morning— “When I awake, I will see YOU face to face and be satisfied.”

Satisfaction doesn’t come from WHAT we see, but from WHO we see!


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