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"It's All Good"

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

“Then God looked over all He had made, and He saw it was very good!”

Genesis 1:31

My son-in-law often tells me, “It’s all good!” His words remind me of the creation story—no matter which new wonder was being described, each day’s narration ended with, “God saw that it was good.” And after man was created, God surveyed His final masterpiece and “saw that it was VERY good.”

The Hebrew word for good means pleasant, excellent, or valuable, and THAT is the perfect description of God’s creation! We may complain about how our beautiful planet is being spoiled or we may judge some of its inhabitants as evil. Perhaps we even see ourselves as hopeless messes. But let’s not forget, God makes no junk—what He originally created was VERY good.

It’s true, life has left its scars on all of creation. Yet God continues to see what HE created through eyes of love. When the Creator looks at you and me, He sees excellence, He sees beauty and value. From GOD’s point of view, HIS creation is ALL good!

But what about MY point of view? It’s easy to look around at the world today with critical or judgmental eyes. Perhaps that’s because I sometimes forget the Creator of GOOD knows how to change chaos and evil back to GOOD!

God, help me believe You are still creating something GOOD—

And one day I too will see, “It’s all good!”


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