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“Journey of Depression”

Updated: May 15, 2021

“So he got up and ate and drank, and the food gave him enough strength to travel forty days and forty nights to Mount Sinai, the mountain of God.”

1 Kings 19:8

When the angel of the LORD brought Elijah bread and water for the journey ahead, I wonder if Elijah even knew where he was going. After coming from a mountaintop of victories, Elijah had wanted to give up and die. However, God did not rebuke Elijah for his feelings. Instead, God sent bread and water to give him strength for forty days and nights in a desert, a trek that must have felt like a journey of depression.

God understands depression; He cares when we feel like giving up. God knows the journey of depression can feel like a desert— endless, dry, and lonely. That’s why He gives us strength to keep going. Though bread and water won’t meet the need of the soul, Our LOVING Father knows that if we can keep pushing though the journey, we will gain a fresh revelation of HIM!

Elijah’s journey ended at the mountain of God. There, God first listened to Elijah share how he was feeling—alone and afraid. Then, God invited Elijah to listen to Him. That day God chose not to reveal Himself through the awesomeness of His power, but through the tenderness of His still small voice.

If you are on a journey of depression, let it draw you to the “mountain of God”

where you will hear the still small voice of your Loving Father!


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