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“Mary’s Storeroom”

“And his mother stored all these things in her heart.”

Luke 2:51 NLT

I often wonder how Mary was able to immediately believe that the Lord would do what he said. (Luke 1:45) And why was she the first person to believe that Jesus could perform a miracle? Perhaps her song of praise in Luke’s gospel could hold the answer…her heart was full of God’s mighty deeds, stories she had learned in childhood.

Now in her teens, she added more stories…An angel not only appeared to her, but also to her fiancé! Aunt Elizabeth identified the child in her womb before Mary even told her! Angels told shepherds about the Baby in a manger! Simeon and Anna recognized her Baby at the temple! Wise men from distant lands were led by a star to worship her Child!

What did Mary do with all these extra-ordinary events? Luke says that she “…stored all these things in her heart.” The storeroom of Mary's heart was filled with the evidence of GOD. So, no wonder she had faith to tell the servants at the wedding, “Do whatever HE tells you!” (John 2:5)

Everyone has a storeroom in their heart, but it's up to each one of us what kind of memories are collected there. Is your storeroom full of hurtful words, pain, and disappointment…or is it full of images of GOD’s faithfulness in the midst of those difficulties?

If you are struggling with faith as you face the New Year, perhaps it’s time to clean some junk out of your storeroom! That will clear up space to begin storing the goodness of God. Then you can live like Mary this coming year, believing the Lord WILL do what He has promised!


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