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“My Foolish Ways”

“I listen carefully to what God the LORD is saying, for he speaks peace to his faithful people. But let them not return to their foolish ways."

Psalm 85:8

How strange to encounter a sentence about foolish ways, especially after pondering God’s joy and peace. However, a study of “foolish” sparked this dialog with God:

ME: I treasure our times together…Your Truth always inspires me…But afterwards, I don’t really walk YOUR way. I always thought MY way was quite sufficient, but maybe it does lack sense!

GOD: So, how’s your way working?

ME: It’s NOT—I’m exhausted! You’ve been pleading to show me a better way, but I always tell you I’m fine.

GOD: But MY way is tailor-made for you, Wanda—MY yoke is easy…

For weeks, God’s Word had been exposing the foolishness of my ways. For years, FEAR was the common denominator in every false assumption I’d lived by: I must please everyone, I must fix everyone’s problems, and I must never stop working! Those foolish ways had worn me out!

God’s Word also revealed Truth that would give rest for my soul. I knew it was decision time, and I could choose only one—either HIS way or MY way. But I realized, to give up my way of fear, I must TRUST God’s way of truth.

God’s Word was already a Lamp to my feetit showed me where I was. Now I desperately needed to know how to walk a different way. Would I TRUST God’s Light to show me that path?

(To be continued...)


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