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"My Unexpected Journey" - Part 6

“Like a Child”

Jesus said: “…For the Kingdom of God belongs to those who are like these children. I tell you the truth, anyone who doesn’t receive the Kingdom of God like a child will never enter it.

Mark 10:14-15 NLT

When life as I knew it suddenly took an unexpected turn, when I found myself totally dependent on others to stand, walk, eat, or dress—that’s when I began to feel like a little child!

God’s timing always amazes me! When this unexpected journey began, our church family just happened to be reading A Praying Life, by Paul E. Miller. I normally would not slow down long enough to read an entire book, but in January I just happened to chair-ridden with plenty of time to read! My Shepherd knew that book would have a profound impact on me. Day after day, the more I read, the louder I heard His call, “Come—just as you are!”

“But Jesus, I can’t come this way—I look like a messy child!” However, children don’t bother to fix up before they come running for help, and neither does Jesus ask adults to fix up! In fact, wasn’t it the weary and burdened He called to come? I’m certainly one of those messy people, but when I come real, I meet a real God.

If I come like a child, it will affect the way I talk to My Father. Like a child, I won’t be afraid to ask Daddy for anything and I’ll repeat that request over and over! Like a child, I won’t worry about organizing whole conversations, I’ll just talk to Daddy about whatever’s on my mind! Like a child, I’ll trust Daddy, just because I KNOW He loves me.

Children may not know the meaning of helpless, but they know who to run to, and they certainly know how to cry, “Help me, Daddy!” Adults easily forget that simple phrase, but Jesus never did. In fact, He often slipped away from the crowds to pray. Instead of acting on His own, Jesus was dependent on His Father.

I have never felt more helpless or dependent than in these last three months. The problem is, I do NOT like to ask for help! That’s why Ron told me at the beginning of this journey, “I won’t always be aware of your needs. So, if you want help, ASK me, and I’ll do it!” Surprisingly, my helplessness became the key that opened the door to a whole new relationship with my husband. For fifty years I had tried to be the strong DO it all woman. Now I wonder how often Ron felt unneeded because I seldom depended on him.

I also wonder how My Heavenly Father feels when I act as if I don’t need Him. There were times in my life when I was too proud to ask anyone to pray for me. I thought if I just prayed more, I would be strong. One the contrary, Paul Miller’s book reminded me that strong Christians DO pray more—but they pray more because they realize how helpless they are!

l will always be grateful for this unexpected journey, because through it I became helpless; and that helplessness taught me to become like a child and to ask like a child.

Father, please don’t let me forget my helplessness!

May I never stop running to YOU—like a child.


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