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“Prepare for Peace”

“…So Asa’s kingdom enjoyed a period of peace. During those peaceful years, he was able to build up the fortified towns throughout Judah. No one tried to make war against him at this time, for the LORD was giving him rest from his enemies.”

2 Chronicles 14:5-6 NLT

Nations go to war to make peace; rulers sign agreements to keep peace, and families seek counsel to restore peace. It would seem peace is man’s most coveted treasure.

Without enemies to fight, the people of Judah enjoyed a period of peace so they could build for the future. But more important than building thick walls for protection, they built trust in the God who gave them protection AND peace. So, even when they were attacked by a million soldiers, King Asa simply cried out to God in faith. The LORD not only defeated that vast army, but gave Judah all their plunder, and then helped them conquer even more towns!

Don’t we all want a period of peace with benefits like that? However, notice today’s verses begin with the word, “So...” Peace was the result of previous actions—King Asa removed all the places of idol worship from the land and led his people to seek God and obey His commands. AFTER the land was purified the people enjoyed peace. Purity comes firstSO peace can follow!

Many today think purity is old fashioned. But perhaps that’s the reason peace has become “old fashioned.” How can we find that peace again?

A peaceful life is the result of a purified heart. SO today...

I choose to prepare my heart for peace!


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