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Psalms - "The Soul of Relationship"

Introduction to the Book of Psalms - Relating to God with Our Emotions

God created man in HIS image: God loves the world—we too can love. God rejoices over us—we too can feel joy. God IS peace—we too can have peace. When one of His creations is treated unfairly, God feels anger—just like we do. God hates pride and all the evil it causes in the world—just like we do. God feels pain—just like we do.

The book of Psalms is filled with emotion—man expressing the feelings of his soul, and then remembering God’s feelings toward him. However, God never experiences the feelings of despair, anxiety, or fear like we do, and yet God sent His Son to free us from the devastation of those emotions. What an amazing demonstration of the most powerful emotion of all—love.

So, as I share my feelings about some of the honest expressions of man’s soul in the Psalms, I pray you too will feel closer to the God who created you in HIS image and who loves you with all of HIS emotions.


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