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“Purpose in Your Pain”

“At this time Aramean raiders had invaded the land of Israel, and among their captives was a young girl who had been given to Naaman’s wife as a maid. One day the girl said to her mistress, ‘I wish my master would go to see the prophet in Samaria. He would heal him of his leprosy.”

2 Kings 5:2-3 NLT

God had a surprise planned for Naaman when He allowed his army to capture a young Hebrew girl. By becoming a maid assigned to Naaman’s home, she would discover his secret—leprosy.

This little maiden was strategically placed because she knew the God who performed miracles. However, because she had been plucked from her safe home and family and carried off to a foreign land, she most likely lived with overwhelming fear and grief over her own loss. Yet this young girl graciously helped someone else in pain by sharing about the Healer she knew.

I find it interesting that God chose a mistreated person, bearing her own pain, to carry His healing message to another person in pain. But what if the captive girl had been so focused on her own wounds that she didn’t notice her master’s?

You may feel like a captive in a foreign land, feeling unbearable pain. But could it be that your loving Father has strategically placed you there for the sake of someone else in pain? Focusing on your own wounds could distract you from seeing the pain of others who need to know the Healer. Perhaps if you look outward instead of inward, you will find purpose in the midst of your pain.

Besides, as you lead others to the Healer, His touch will cover your pain as well!


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