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“Relationship Power”

“Solomon son of David took firm control of his kingdom, for the LORD his God was with him and made him very powerful.”

2 Chronicles 1:1

Far too often when people become powerful, they also become proud and exalt themselves! So, what a pleasant surprise to see when Solomon became powerful, he called together all the leaders of Israel and led them to the place of worship. (v 2-3) Instead of exalting himself, Solomon exalted the LORD, and led others to do the same! This king was not confused about the Source of his power.

In any partnership, each has a position to fill and role to play. Solomon understood those differences—God’s position was Lord over all; Solomon’s position was God’s child. God’s role was to provide everything Solomon needed. Solomon’s role was to obey. Solomon was NOT the power—he was a channel of GOD’s power!

No wonder Solomon exalted the LORD—he knew WHO God was and he knew what God DID. And no wonder Solomon asked GOD for wisdom (v.10)—Solomon knew he was unable to govern God’s people properly. But Solomon knew GOD was his Source of both power and wisdom!

Solomon was powerful because he was connected to the Source—the LORD his God was with him. However, notice the Lord was HIS God. That one word changed the partnership to a personal relationship. This powerful God was HIS God.

When relationship with God is personal, so is His Power!


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