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“Seek Him Out”

But whenever they were in trouble and turned to the LORD, the God of Israel, and sought him out, they found him.”

2 Chronicles 15:4 NLT

Abandoning God sent Judah through very dark times, until they turned back to the Lord and sought Him out. Those three words are very intentional. “Seek out” means to search hard, like seeking out a friend from among a crowd. Searching is what you do to find a person you haven’t seen for a long time. Their contacts may have changed over the years, so discovering their current location may require finding people who are still connected with that person.

Of course, God doesn’t move away or change His contacts. He doesn’t hide from us. If we want to find Him bad enough, we can ask those who have stayed connected with Him. They will gladly give us directions back to His side.

Sadly, if we abandon God, it’s not long before we get lost in a crowd of voices shouting from every direction—listen to this “truth,” follow this guru, look at this crystal! The farther we wander, the blacker the darkness. But our loving Father is right there in the middle of that crowd, and His eyes never lose sight of us. Sometimes He sends a breath of fresh air through our pollution. Sometimes He sends friends to tell us which way to look. Yet, all the time HE is waiting for us to turn.

When we seek HIM out—we WILL find Him!


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