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“Yet Solomon insisted on loving them anyway…he refused to follow the Lord completely, as his father, David, had done…but Solomon did not listen to the Lord’s command.”

1 Kings 11:2, 6, 10

God’s guidelines are always for our own good. He clearly warned the Israelites about the consequences of marrying foreigners. But even though Solomon knew relationship was God’s priority, it must not have been his. Solomon simply wanted to do what HE wanted, and nothing was going to stop him!

Notice Solomon’s bold stubbornness toward God’s direction:

he insisted...

he refused...

he did not listen...

Ouch! Solomon’s actions sound like a donkey who sets his feet with such determination that not even hell could move him. Solomon was so dead set on doing what HE wanted, that he deafened himself to his loving God.

Solomon’s stubborn attitude—I am going to love them no matter what—cost him plenty. The Lord raised up adversaries to make trouble for Solomon the rest of his life, and all but two tribes were stolen from the future kingdom of his descendants.

Stubbornness carries many price tags, but the greatest one is losing relationship. So, before setting my feet in stone, I better consider: Is MY way more important than relationship with the God who actually cares about me? Can having what I want replace the security of trusting the One who knows what’s best for me? Just like with Solomon, God leaves those answers to me!


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